Interview with Marcin Kryszpin Head of Oculus Team at G2A.COM

The multimillion dollar investment Virtual Reality (VR) Team lead by Marcin Kryszpin plan to launch G2A Land in Q1 2016, simultaneously with the VR Oculus premiere. Marcin was interviewed regarding the first official show of G2A Land during Gamescom 2015.

What is the idea behind your Oculus project?
G2A. COM is a global marketplace gaming company connected with the gaming industry.
It seeks to be as close as possible to the technologies which are available for gamers nowadays. That’s why we find Virtual Reality (VR) so interesting. We want to make the virtual amusement park available for all gamers and simply connect it with our G2A platform so that when the Oculus Rift will be launched, everyone will check what the Oculus technology is all about and what G2A offers.

Is this for customers or marketing partners?
This Oculus project will be available for everyone. Gamers will have the possibility to play really interesting adventure games and enjoy a lot of attraction at out amusement park. Because it is connected to our platform, we are going to broaden our range into buying and selling.

How can Oculus (VR) help a digital marketplace?
VR is a specific platform that can be used by everyone to dissociate themselves from the real world and come into a new virtual space which connected with the proper interface, will let them be comfortable when looking through the content and investigate before buying a game.

How many people work on this project?
For now the Oculus Team consist of 12 people but the whole company had actively participated in the research, tests, improvement and development of G2A Land. They gave us their opinions and added a lot of excitement to the project.

What is your specific task within the project?
My main task as a game designer is to transfer collected ideas on the mechanisms in the Unreal Engine 4. Additionally, as the Oculus team leader I supervise numerous tasks to be delivered on time and with high quality. So that our customers can enjoy a great experience.

Since when do you work on the G2A Land project?
We started working on G2A Land at the beginning of this year.

When will it be available?
G2A Land will be available, in parallel with the launching of the Oculus Rift 1Q 2016.

What is your background as developers within the gaming industry (references, former projects etc.)?
I have been working in game dev for 7 years. Initially, I started working on the Art of Murder and the Chronicles of Mystery adventure games. Then, came the following First Person Shotter (FPS) games such as Sniper Ghost warrior, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 and Enemy Front. I have also worked for two mobile projects for Action Games Lab and now for G2A. The project is called G2A Land available on VR from G2A.

How will Oculus VR influence the gaming industry?
It will add a new dimension to the gaming world that we already know. We’ll be able to experience some titles in a deeper way and it definitely allows developers to use new tools to absorb gamers in the gaming world. Nevertheless, the design works should be conducted very carefully in order not to break the game immersion. Most up-to-date titles require numerous changes to function smoothly in VR. It’s not only about adding a simple Oculus Rift handling but creating a foundation for the enjoyment of Oculus.

What is the most difficult thing regarding developing for Oculus?
VR technology does not use ready and tested patterns, that’s why it requires designers to conduct continuous tests and amendments in the project; a hands on approach.
There are quite a few things which function completely different from what had been initially planned. But that’s how it is with new technologies!

What is the biggest benefit regarding developing for Oculus?
There is a huge interest in VR technology, we notice huge international fascination about new possibilities among project testers. Working with new emerging technologies is always highly demanding, but at the same time really exciting.

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