Astonishing facts regarding Oculus

Facebook invested 2 billion $ in Oculus. Oculus Rift raised more than 2.4 million $ on Kickstarter which makes it the most funded gaming peripheral ever.

G2A had great pleasure to present G2A Land at Oculus during the Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.
Dr Phil Klaus – Leading Customer Experience and Strategy Expert – who had a chance to check the Oculus experience at G2A’s Gamescom booth and is very excited regarding it’s possibilities. He praised Marcin Kryszpin for the G2A Land project.

Dr Klaus claims that Oculus is really innovative way to communicate with the users. Connecting it not only with gaming industry but also developing it on different fields has huge potential.
The most important advantage of G2A’s application on Oculus is possibility to have quiet and peaceful ‘place’, isolated of any obstacles like noise, other people. The user of the Oculus is able to use dissociate himself from the real world. At the same time he is able to explore much deeper and much more effectively the data provided via VR Oculus, as the viewer can be focused only on received content.

For user experience, G2A Land on the Oculus will be really great feeling. G2A Land is an amusement park where we players can have fun riding on the roller coaster, practice at the shooting-range and visit the cinema. As I could see people feel like they were actually at the roller coaster or shooting range! Some viewers were screaming and catching furniture, balancing when the roller coaster cart turned.

And in other industries it will be really helpful to check things with the Oculus googles on the head instead of walking through shops. It will save customers time and give them chance to take the decision about buying anything without moving home.

Right now Oculus Rift is using by Ford to take a look at prototypes of new models of their cars. What’s more NASA is using it also to prepare simulation of the walk in Mars.
It will be launched in Q1 2016.

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